Hello out there.  My name is Stephanie though I suspect you already know that if you are on this page.  I started this blog about 18 months ago to document my life and adventures as I became an expat at the age of 25.  I moved to Japan in December of 2009 to manage a restaurant on a USMC base in Okinawa.  This blog has taken a few forms over the course of it’s life; do forgive me as we go through our growing pains here at Sayonara America.  It was originally intended to be a record of my Japanese adventures, and has more recently become a record of my daily life – adventures still included.


Since living in Japan, I’ve met the love of my life.  He is an amazing man; sweet, kind, loving, hilarious, brilliant.  He is a wonderful father and dedicated to his career in the United States Army more than I ever knew was possible.  He never fails to surprise me.  I met him and my life changed, and eventually that meant that this blog changed, too.  Now it documents adventures, daily life, and the trials of being the significant other of someone in the military.


I hope you find this interesting and funny and touching and who knows, maybe inspiring.  Sayonara.

4 responses

27 08 2009

Don’t make me yell…

28 08 2009

Your mom and I are excited for you with this move. We know how you love to travel and experience new things. We plan to make it over there to see you. We can’t go two years without seeing your smiling face!!

1 09 2009

awwwww papa long is darn cute!

30 09 2009

I want to know if you picked the lobster up and put it on someone’s plate! ;0) I am so happy for you. What an adventure for you to take. If you can manage a restaurant I think Embassy work is for you!

Take care of yourself. I will continue to follow your escapades!!!

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