My apologies.

30 07 2010

I would like to make an apology post.  I have slacked.  I have said over and over again I will post blogs on a regular basis so that the people in my life can know what’s going on with me.  I realize it is important to stay connected, but unfortunately, life has gotten in the way.  Which is sad and ridiculous but is so so SO true.  Somewhere between running a restaurant, finding TB, visits to mainland, and adventures on island, I have stopped writing.  So here is my grand apology to those of you who read this on a regular basis – I’m sorry.  Now, since I’m on the other side of the world, you have to forgive me.  I think that’s how this works.

I would like to offer an abbreviated list of things I have done in recent months (months, I haven’t written in months.  Sheesh).  Then, perhaps someday soon, I will expand on these stories.

1. Kyoto.  TB and I made a trip up to mainland to see something new and to get off this island for a few days.  Why did we need to leave tropical paradise you ask?  Well because.  I get antsy.  And I have found a guy that realizes when I get antsy, it’s serious.  So he took leave, I took vacation, and away we went.  Our timing was less than stellar as we arrived at the beginning of monsoon season in Kyoto and left Okinawa at the tailend of ours.  Humph.  Figures.

2. Adjusting to the military.  I’m not entirely sure that anyone will ever understand this that hasn’t dated someone or had family that was in the military.  I’m not usually one to say you wouldn’t understand, but having been on the non-military side of the coin, I’m saying it.  If you’ve been here, you get it.  Adjusting to this life takes a serious amount of work and dedication.  And I’m fine with that.  It’s the random trips to random unknown places for an undetermined amount of time that will get to you.  It’s the alarm going off at 5am everyday and the late nights and the uniforms and the lack of communication for “security”.  Well, let me back up.  The uniforms are hot – that’s the saving grace in all of this.  If it wasn’t for that uniform, see ya later solider.  (TB – I kid.  I also stick around for the sushi dates).

3. Monsoon.  Have you ever been through an actual monsoon?  It’s depressing as hell.  It rains more or less nonstop for about 25 days.  No kidding.  And you’re on a beautiful tropical island no less.  So it’s even more depressing because while you could be outside, doing all of these amazing things, instead it’s monsoon-ing.  UGH.

I’m going to stop with the list now.  Not because I’m out of things but mostly because I’ve had a glass of half Baileys, half Ameretto on the rocks and I’m getting tipsy.  I swear I will write soon.