well, shoot.

15 04 2010

I’ve done it again.

I do all of these cool things and then fail to write about them in a timely manner.  But you know, I’ve been busy.  And trust me, I know I need to update.  This is now the 4th time I’ve started this blog because I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Where to start, what to include, what to leave out.  But we’ll start with the important stuff and work from there shall we?

I swore to myself I would never talk about my love life on this blog, but alas, rules are made to be broken.  There’s a guy.  He’s great.  He’s smart and funny and sexy and pays attention when I talk.  Like, really pays attention. He knows my favorite color is orange, that I drink carmel macchiatos, and how important my family is to me because of the pictures he sees when he first walks into my house.   He organizes my shoes when he thinks I’m upset (or more accurately, KNOWS when I’m upset) and he holds my hand in public.  And he’s in the army.  Shocking I know.  To think I would end up meeting someone in the armed forces.  Don’t worry, I’m baffled, too (please note the sarcasm – do you know how many servicemembers there are on this island?!).  We met at the local watering hole, managed to talk – like really talk, for 3+ hours and just hang out.  It was nice.  Then lo and behold, we did it again!  AND I didn’t want to run in the other direction, make up a death in the family, or claim to have a boyfriend.  In fact, I did just the opposite.  I wanted to hang out, I wanted to go to dinner, and I wanted to meet for lunch.  So things are good on that front.  I had a moment when I really thought, What the hell am I doing?  Military?  Deployments?  Are you insane?  I told him I needed my space, he gave it to me, and an hour later I sent a text message that read, “I’m done with my space.  Can we go to dinner?”  So now we’re cute and obnoxiously happy.  I wish some of you were around to see this, make fun, whatever.  Really I just wish you could meet him. Perhaps someday.

I can hear my friends now.  Yea yea Stephanie, sheesh.  Enough with the mushy stuff, okay?  So, back to the adventuring.  I wandered off to a coffee farm a while back.  Of course it was one of those days when I thought, I’ll get up early, hit a beach on the drive up, hang out at the coffee place for a few hours while I read, and see a beautiful sunset on the way back down.  Instead I woke up at 11, screwed around until 2, and finally left the house.  Mind you, this coffee farm was not near – we’re talking a 2+ hour drive.  And did I mention it was in a jungle? When I say jungle, I kid you not.  It’s beautiful there, yet slightly terrifying driving there by myself.  I don’t tend to play the girl card, but this was definitely one of those moments when I wanted a guy around just in case I blew a tire, I found a snake in my car, or the engine exploded.  Because those are all likely things that would happen when I was alone with no cell phone service in the jungle.  But my god, the scenery.  Unbelievable.  Mountains and jungle and beach and beautiful ocean all around.  Which was great because this was not an easy place to find.  Take this turn and that one next to the green sign and drive for 4.7 km and take a hard right, another left in 9 km and then you’ll see the Hiro Coffee Farm sign.  Uh, yea.  Sure.  See ya later coffee farm.  Alas, I made it and it was well worth the trip (and the irrational fear). It’s a family owned shop, can’t remember quite how long they have been growing coffee beans, but they are the sweetest people.  You can tell that they truly care if you are taken care of, if you are enjoying their coffee.  Those kind of people.  They even brought out a blanket for me when I got cold, mega points for the Hiro family.  A few pictures from this adventure:

my corner

came with my own coffee pot and warmer. and a cookie!

Oh, and look at this little gem they gave me as a present:

My very own coffee bean plant!  It came with instructions that said, “you’ll be able to enjoy your very own coffee in 4-5 years!”  Uh, please.  It’s a miracle that plant’s still alive after 4 weeks.

Since my coffee adventure, I got SCUBA certified.  That’s right.  I’m officially allowed to breathe underwater and people trust that I will not make my brain or my lungs explode.  HAHAHAHA.   More on this in the next blog.  Let’s just say I almost quit not once, but twice in the 6 day course.

I also found “my” restaurant, Sushi Zen.  This is another one of those things that requires it’s own blog as the owner, Yuki-san, has taken on the role of my Japanese father.  His words, not mine.  He’s come under fire lately for the way he runs his business (to be explained in the next blog).  I think because I go there 3 times a week I took this as a personal attack, though I imagine Yuki-san doesn’t really care.  He is my Japanese pops, don’t mess with him, alright?

I think I’m going to call this good for now.  New blogs to come on SCUBA and Yuki-san by the end of the week…..eek.  Let’s be real, end of the month.  Love you guys, talk soon, yes?


ps- if you ‘re reading this from Okinawa Hai, thanks dude!