25 10 2009

My Mom is the best.  This is why.

Last Thursday, I was having a day of it.  I was frustrated, I was worried, and I was feeling unprepared.  Mom was wanting to talk about her and my dad visiting and I just couldn’t handle it at that moment.  I’m not very good at playing the mm-hmm, yea, right, okay, uh-huh game on the phone.  I tried as nicely as possible to explain that I was just really frustrated and I had a lot going on in my little mind that morning.  I’m sure it probably came across as me being rude but it really wasn’t the intention.  I had about 48924 other things going on in my head and you know, sometimes you just CAN’T be on the phone.  I apologized and said I would call her later.

I ended up leaving my training early that day because, shocking, the restaurant wasn’t prepared for me to be there.  I got back to the hotel right about 5 o’clock and Ricky stopped me at the front desk.  “Hey, this just got here for you.”  I was confused, I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone so what in the world was this?  And then I saw it.  The symbol of my new favorite place in Houston:


Now, I admit.  I freaked out.  I knew what was in that box and I could barely contain myself.  I was so worried about opening the box that I missed the card the first time around.  I asked Ricky who they were from and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I finally found the card.  My mother had had a dozen cupcakes delivered to me to brighten (or sweeten as I like to say) my day.


And let me tell you, it did just that.  There is nothing I like more than a good cupcake on a crappy day.  All of a sudden, everything’s better.  And even though Ricky might think I’m crazy, I know that he’s secretly glad when I show up.  He always ends up getting treats out of the deal.

My mom is great.  We have gotten to be good friends over the years, which, if you knew me when I was a teenager, is hard to imagine that she would want to speak to me at all.  I’m so lucky to have supportive parents, ones that just roll with the punches (or in our case, roll with the moving around country and now the world), and keep on saying, “Sure Steph.  Sounds like a great idea.”  I can’t imagine what it will be like being away from my parents for so long, but we’ve had a little while to prepare.  Something tells me though, nothing prepares you from going to seeing someone everyday to not seeing them for 6 or 8 months at a time.  But at least there’s Skype and cell phones these days.  Rereading those last few sentences makes me realize  I’m still trying to convince myself I can do this.  Thankfully, my parents already know that I can.

So now, my dad and I have baseball and hockey.  My mom and I have cupcakes and Hershey’s dark chocolate.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you guys, thanks for everything.



Mackenzie, my friend and yours

21 10 2009

(disclaimer: this blog will contain some serious language of the “F” variety.  Sorry mom….)

So I said a blog or two back that I would probably tell the story of how I became Fanny and how Amy became Mackenzie.  That time is NOW.  Also, if you’ll continue reading you’ll see more adventures of Maverick and Iceman beyond the nickname story.  Brace yourself friends, it’s going to be a long one.

maverick and iceman.

maverick and iceman.

You know how you have friends that you can’t imagine your life without?  Well, Amy is one of those people.  It was fate from the beginning.  We both accepted internships at TOMS Shoes out in Santa Monica.  Well, for me it was “out” in Santa Monica, for her it was more “up.”  For those of you that don’t know, TOMS is a shoe company that gives away a pair of shoes to a child in need everytime they sell a pair of shoes, one for one giving.  It’s actually an amazing company.  You can check it out here.  This internship was a fairly serious commitment for the 12 of us that were selected.  We were to get paid $50 a week mainly for food and live in a 3 bedroom condo – 4 bunk beds to a room.  Amy and I did not end up in the same room, unfortunately, but we did end up spending most of our time together.  How you ask?

Either the second or third day in Santa Monica, a few of us piled in the car to go find an Italian food restaurant.  Now, you should know we were all still playing nice at this point.  Everyone on their best behavior, still finding out about each other.  What we knew so far was that there were several in the house that were fairly religious and one that was afraid of ice, though that’s a different story all together.  Back to the car though.  No one could find this restaurant and no one wanted to decide on a different one.  After about 8 u-turns we found the place.  Only, it was closed.  Never to be opened again.  Ugh.  With another U-turn looming, Amy screamed, “FUCK!!! Someone just fucking decide what we are having to eat!”  It was then, amongst all of the Jesus freaks and  teenage Hanson fans in the car, I decided Amy and I would be fast friends.  I think I was the only one that laughed that day in the car.  She cursed, I laughed, after that we were basically inseparable.  Not in a creepy way.  More in a – I get why you’re here and I get why they’re here but I like you better so will you be my work desk, car pool buddy even though we drive 2 of the 4 cars available -kind of way.

Your face and shriiiimp!!!  I was spitting cobra venom."  image by cobrasnake

Your face and shriiiimp!!! "I was spitting cobra venom." image by cobrasnake

And that friends, that is just the beginning.

Fast forward to Halloween ’07.  Jonathan was running around the office in a sponge bob costume made for a 5 year old.  Seriously.  Half the staff was leaving the next day for South Africa.  Blake (or Tom…) was in the office so everyone was already a little in panic mode.  Somehow we all made it to the Ivy in Santa Monica – that’s right the paparazzi hangout the Ivy – and we had a reserved room.  Candice knows people.  So here we are, traipsing through like we are important: sponge bob, hobo and movie star (b-lister, no biggie), all together now.  Candice made the grave mistake of ordering round after round of vodka gimlets.  And those bitches were strong.  Amy made the mistake of driving that day, thus being the designated driver.  I made the mistake of sitting next to one Sean Carasso and trying to go drink to drink with him.  A lot of mistakes were clearly made.  I rehashed the beer pong story (“You better drink that shit, bitch!”) to the blushing Hollywood starlet and eventually pulled a gimlet over with my boob.  Wasn’t the first, and probably not the last time my boobs will get me in trouble but, alas, I have veered off topic again.  Eventually we all get back to the commune, I mean apartment and have a few more drinks.  More TOMS family comes over, we all hang out, I am shouting at my mother because she KNOWS I’m drunk and I’m trying to convince her otherwise.  Now, this is where the night gets blurry and I refuse to try to remember any of my actions.  I think it was my game plan then as well.

The next morning, I come downstairs – looking like hell I’m quite sure, and start talking to Amy.  We recount the events of the night before that we can remember and are calmly reminded of a few more events we (or at least I) should probably try fairly hard to forget.  Amy, Amy McKinney, then asks me plain as day, “Stephanie, what’s my last name?” and I said, “…..McKinney?  right?  Is this a trick?”  And immediately she is cracking up laughing.  I am still quite confused.  Do I know my friends last name or not?  Why’s she laughing?  What did I do?  As it turns out, in my drunkenness the night before, I started getting all Texas on everyone and saying, “Mackenzie….I luuuve you.  You’re the best.”  “Mackenzie, I’m glad we’re friends” “Mackenzie, you’re purdy funny.”   Mackenzie this, that, and anything else you can think of.  From then on, it stuck and never went away.  I find it difficult to say McKinney to this day but laugh anytime I do.

I am the border. - Mackenzie.

I am the border. - Mackenzie.

Any now, Fanny.  Stephanie becomes Fanny pretty easily and with little explanation.  Stefanny.  Fanny.  There you have it.  While this might not be as in depth of a story, it is still quite hilarious.

Papa Mackenzie (as he’s known in my world) is sort of fabulous in a big way.  He is a kind man with a big heart and tends to just look the other way when Amy and I are in a giggle fit or being silly or trying to sneak booze into Disneyland.  Amy had called me Fanny for quite a while and nothing about it.  I went to Europe for about 6 weeks 2 years ago and Mackenzie was my planning friend.  This was the natural role for her as I am going to get famous and someone is going to pay me and a sidekick (Ahem, Mackenzie) to travel the world.  Apparently she was on the phone with me one day while her dad was within earshot.  He heard her call me Fanny and said, “Make sure you don’t call her vagina while she’s overseas!”

Now, here is the time when the natural reaction is what the hell did you just say?  And amid the laughter and tears caused by said laughter, I believe this question was asked.  The explanation that we managed to piece together between the giggles and short gasps of air was that in the UK, fanny is another name for vagina.  I think it was partly funny because of the content and partly funny because the explanation was coming from Papa Mac.  So in the past 6-8 months, Amy has been running around town talking about her friend, Vagina.  So naturally, Fanny stuck.  Never to go away again, I’m sure (random sidenote:  I was in NYC with my friend Lindsey and we went to a comedy show.  The comedian’s opening line was, “Cunt, pussy, fanny.  Only one of these is a swear word in England, and it’s fanny.”  I was already doubled over laughing and wanting to text Amy.  Those are the moments I live for).

Not to get all sentimental on you or anything, but everyone needs a friend like this.  It’s harder for me to leave people like Mackenzie – even though she lives 1500 miles away – than it is to leave work or Dallas or even my beloved Stars.  I made her promise me earlier that we could still have our gchat dates and that she would visit.  I know I will have a blast in Japan and I know that she of all people really will visit but sometimes I just think, why didn’t I just move to San Diego?  Get a duplex on the beach?  Speak English most days?   Hang out with this gal and laugh A LOT?

mackenzie in mohave.  or somewhere with just as awesome of a name.

mackenzie in monahans.

san diego zoo.

san diego zoo.

And this little gem just in.  This is real time, live facebook chatting blogging friends:


and speaking of candice, i was driving the other day and busted up because i remembered cutting cheese, bread rounds, shrimp in the bath tub and me having to go pick up candice at the airport and her flight was super late so i kept having to do cicrles and you were having a nervous breakdown at the condo

oh man

i laughed sooooo hard

and i dont even know what made me think of it, but i was dying on the way home from riverside



oh man

that’s awesome

why was i having a nervous breakdown

shit, i’m laughing in the hotel


you were having a nervous breakdown because there was fucking shrimp in our bathtub and you were trying to toast a whole trunk full of bread.

in one oven.

I love us.

jesus was our savior.  he cut the bread that day.

jesus was our savior. he cut the bread that day.

bean bun!!!!!

bean bun!!!!!

we starting drinking at disneyland AFTER the teacups.  who said we weren't smart?

we starting drinking at disneyland AFTER the teacups. who said we weren't smart?

san diego to dallas road trip.  the thing pitstop in dragoon, az.  no really, dragoon.

san diego to dallas road trip. the thing pitstop in dragoon, az. no really, dragoon.

I would like to take the time now to emphasize the fact that Mackenzie and I are not in fact lesbian lovers.  We are both quite the fan of our male counterparts.  Someday though, our husbands are going to have to deal with the wife’s best friend living next door.  Just sayin’


playing catch up… again.

20 10 2009

I have gone round and round for about the last 3 minutes trying to figure out how to update this.  Turns out that’s the result when you don’t write a new blog for 2 weeks.  I’ve also discovered, or rediscovered I guess, that I’m wordsy.  So sorry about that for the ADD readers.  This seems to be the best way…..

These are the things that have happened in my world, in pictures, since October 2nd.  I will write actual stories of these events later, but for now, a sneak peak.

San Diego:


the good stuff

san diego zoo.  la-lama.

san diego zoo. la-lama.

who could resist?

who could resist?

Note:  Valerie, did we get ANY pictures of the baby shower???  If so, they go… here!

A random Thursday:


if you don't know what's in that box, you're clearly not an avid reader.

Most other days:



And, finally.  Adventure day with Coppy Copp:

hint:  this......

hint: this......

....and this are related.  promise.

....and this are related. promise.

there's a museum in there

there's a museum in there


google it.

google it.

discovery park

discovery park

So that’s it in a nutshell.  The suspense is killing you, I know.  I promise to tell the stories of these pictures in the soon, to near, future.  You should also know that it’s taken me about an hour and a half to load those pictures and type these two short paragraphs.  I am easily distracted.  Yes, even in a hotel room.  Maybe this explains why I haven’t writeen anything in a hot minute.  Cause it takes a hot 3 hours to type one of my normal blogs.  So either I learn to type faster or just type less.  Only time will tell.  Hey-o!



holy, box.

2 10 2009

So I have some amazing friends.  I love them all and couldn’t stand it if they weren’t in my life.  They all knew my less than excited feeling about moving to Houston for a while, but as friends do, most of them planned to visit or send silly thing to the hotel (sidenote: I think a few of them secretly created google given the amount of information I’ve received about stuff to do in Houston or things happening in Japan).   Well, well.  Pat yourselves on the back friends, you really do come through.

Lindsey was the first person down and come to find out, she’s MOVING here.  I told her it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t be here THAT long but it turns out her time in Denton was finished.  Being from here and having her family still in Houston, it was the reasonable solution.  I believe the first thing she said after the 5 hour drive was, “Ewwwwwwwwww.  It’s sticky here.”  We went out, had a few drinks, had a few inappropriate conversations with a few inappropriate men.  Not to worry, though we did let them buy several rounds, we did not get ruffied nor did we give out our numbers.  Unfortunately, they showed us a pretty neat bar but sicne they were super lame,  I’m a little nervous to go back for fear of running into them again.

The next awesome thing that happened was THE BOX.  Mackenzie told me she was going to send me a box of random things to the hotel and embarrass the crap out of me.  The thing though is that Mackenzie and I say we will mail things and then it takes a year to actually follow through.  I was skeptical.  I’m not throwing her under the bus here, I am the same way about sending things to her, too.  Eek.  BUT.  I discovered when we were talking, strike that, typing via facebook chat and she realized that she had to actually write “Stephanie” rather than “Fanny” on the package,  I was actually going to receive something here at the hotel.  This might be a good time to mention that Mackenzie is not actually Mackenzie’s name and clearly my name isn’t Fanny.  I will post the story of how these names came about on it’s own, fun little page.

For three straight days I asked the front desk staff if they had anything for me and for three straight days I was shot down.  What a defeated feeling.  Then what happens?  The one day that I come back to the hotel, bypass the front desk and instantly take a fall asleep for a three hour nap, the package had arrived.  When I woke up from my nap I realized there was a blinking light on the telephone.  COULD IT BE?  Yes! Yes it was!  It was a message saying that a package was being held at the front desk for me.  I just about ran to the elevator, very impatiently rode the 14 floors down (they have a 13th floor here.  creepy) and collected my box.  I could tell from the look on Ricky’s face that it was a sight to behold.  And friends, it was:

pufkin and the box
pufkin and the box

She had drawn on all sides of this thing.  Like, the sailboat, palm trees, kites.  Anything beachy and it’s there.  Oh, and that little bundle of love is Pufkin the penguin.  Purchased at one San Diego Sea World – another fun filled day I spent with Mackenzie.  This box could NOT have come at a better time seeing as how I’m flying to San Diego in T minus 9 hours.  The worst mistake I made pertaining to the box, besides not realizing it was in the hotel, was picking it up on my way to pick up take away food.  I knew I wanted to get a “before” photo of the box and so I would have to wait an agonizing 14 minutes to open it.  And Mackenzie did not disappoint, it was well worth the wait.



No need to go to Japan, Japan had come to me! Along with Muppets socks, a plastic cup clearly meant for a three year old, crayons, “grow me” capsules, and a potted plant there was candy and snacks galore.  Turns out there’s a Japanese market right next to Mackenzie’s house.  How freaking convenient is that?!?

In the past 5 days I’ve gone from eating this:


To staring wide-eyed at what I will have available to me as of December 1:


That little bag o’ fun on the left looks like mashed up, dried out ramen noodles.  The major concerning factor with that “treat” is that 3 of the listed ingredients are: Japanese Spanish (what?) Macerel, black seabream, and crab.  Ummm, why?  It’s crispy noodles.  At what point did seafood need to be involved?  That split decision container on the right there is kouhaku (or at least I’ve assumed that’s the name since it’s the only non-character writing on the package), otherwise known as Japanese bean buns.  Main ingredient here?  Soybean.  I can look forward to soybean candy.  Oh, goody, what more could a girl want?  No wonder Japanese people are so healthy.  They make candy out of vegetables.  The color is not very apparent in the picture but the halfway transparent bean buns under the clear side of plastic are actually a faded green, mud brown in color.  The ones on the right side of the package are pink.  Strawberry flavored?  I’ll let you know tomorrow, I plan to fly these back to San Diego and force Mackenzie to try one with me at mimosa Friday.  Oh and Lindsey has volunteered to try the Baby Star excitement with me – I’ll let you know how it goes.

All in all, my friends are the best.  Everyone says that about their own friends and rightly so, I just wanted to say THANKS, I really do love you fools.

Here’s some more box o’ fun pictures.

The wearables:

socks and bracelet

The supposed eatables:


the do-it-yourself-ables:


last but not least, the packing paper:


I think that dude on the far left is singing and if I can figure out when and where that concert is, I’m there.

If anyone has any requests from the Japanese market let me know, I feel like a trip there is definitely in order.  See ya later Houston!  HALLO San Diego!