So, a story.

27 08 2009

So here’s what happened.

Clearly, I was agitated.  I wanted to DO something and in a large way.  I decided to move out of the country….

to Italy.

I applied for a job, I waited and waited as you often do; when four days seems like four months due to the anticipation.  I received an e-mail back!  It said something along the lines of, “We received a blank form from someone at this e-mail address.  Would it be possible that you are using an Apple computer?  We are behind the times (ahem, I added that…) and we are not Mac compatible.  Please resubmit your (3 page essay style….) application from a PC.  Thanks!”

Uhhh, no.

No, that would not be happening at all.  I instantly thought, not the job for me.  I’ll figure something else out.  The problem was I now had it in my head that I WOULD be moving out of the country.  I just had to find a way to do it.  Enter my friend, Brandon Willett.  Brandon had recently called asking if I could be a reference for a job he was applying for in Japan.  He was also a manager for Chili’s, this is actually how we met.  Long long ago when we both waited tables, B became one of my best friends.  I said of course, slap my name down there, and didn’t really think anything else about it.  At some point, it entered my mind.  Wait a second here.  Why could I not do that?  As I talked to him about it more, I realized, I absolutely can do that.  BUT.  Of course there’s a but.  I decided I didn’t want to hone in on his plans with his wife of less than a year.  Being the third wheel for a day or two at a time is one thing, we were talking two years.

Time went on and I finally found out that Brando did actually get the job – and not only that, he was being promoted to GM in Japan.  I could deal with tricycle world if there was the possibility of working for Brandon.  In the same conversation, I asked him to please send me the recruiters information so I could throw my name out there for an assistant position at Brandon’s store in Sasebo, Japan.

And of course, things never work out as easily as they should.  I did get offered a job – but not they job I expected.  I was told they would be delighted to have me – at a Macaroni Grill in Okinawa.  Insert geography lesson here.  Japan is an island, yes?  Well Okinawa is an island south of the mainland; about 60 miles long and 12 miles wide at the widest point.  Of course, shooting myself in the foot, I had said I would probably not accept anything unless I would be near Brandon and Jewell, the only two people I would know in Japan.  At least I never said that to the recruiter – I accepted his offer immediately.  I was moving across the world.

And there you have it, the story on how this came about.  Details that came later: I would train in Dallas for 3 months, errrr, change that to Houston for 2 1/2 months making it 6 day work weeks.  I would leave in mid-December if not after the holidays.  Wait, scratch that too, I’m leaving November 30.

Times, they are a changing people and this is no joke.  If you want to see me before I leave, make it quick.  Like, real quick.